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Sarkozy, Happiness Index
September 24, 2009, 8:38 pm
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Sarkozy: Happiness is an economic indicator

“PARIS — French President Nicolas Sarkozy asked world leaders to join a “revolution” in the measurement of economic progress by dropping their obsession with gross domestic product to account for factors such as health-care availability and leisure time … A great revolution is waiting for us …” Sarkozy said.

From the Press Democrat of Santa Rosa, CA, By EMMA VANDORE, ASSOCIATED PRESS

Whatever his motivation, Le President de la République takes a step in the right direction by calling for major country national governments to move away from their huge focus on the current model of economic indicators that everybody equates to a measure of how well the country is doing. These days, we have a lot more to consider to make a judgment about that.  GDP, or Gross Domestic Product, is a blunt instrument at best, equating economic output created by running prisons, with that of growing food. The money made making and selling bombs adds in to the same total as the money made treating their victims.

Adi Da has said, in his book ‘Not-Two Is Peace’:

“The present-time human world is fragmented and stupefied, utterly misled by the grossest kind of deluded thinking about “reality”.  The mass populations of the world are being seduced by the absurdities of “consumerism”. Human beings are, now and everywhere, entrenched in their commitment to absurd “consumer” notions about the potential of absolute “self”-satisfaction—and otherwise, human beings are (based on their failures of “self”-satisfaction) overwhelmed by gross realism views that appear to sanction nihilistic despair, and even unlimited (and intrinsically meaningless) violence.”

This is the view from the source – the “radical” view. Adi Da explains that the GDP picture, the total consumption of a society, is a deluded measure of value, or benefit.  The move to at least broaden the picture of what is of true value to societies is a step in the right direction.

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Report by the Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress, by

Professor Joseph E. STIGLITZ, Chair, Columbia University, Professor Amartya SEN, Chair Adviser, Harvard University, Professor Jean-Paul FITOUSSI, Coordinator of the Commission, IEP


Not-Two Is Peace

Hello, my name is Brian Auger and I am writing this blog to explain the writings of Adi Da Samraj, spiritual master, author, artist, and to connect his writings to current events in the world. While I intend my explanations to be valuable and accurate, nothing can replace your reading of the book – please go to to order one, or to download PDFs of chapters for free.

I spent many years working in Canada’s central bank, and in the department of government supporting Canada’s Prime Minister. I have had the opportunity to see how certain important processes work from a perspective not available to most people. Also, my work gave me a good reason to stay current with the affairs – political and economic, in the world. My background is physics, not ecomics or politics, so I am not writing to you from any specialist perspecitve. Rather, grounded in my experience in the world, my perspective is that of a student of the work of Adi Da Samraj, a great spiritual master. In his book “Not-Two Is Peace“, Adi Da describes the current reality in a different way. And he presents the principles describing or underlying the changes that must take place at this unique turning-point in human history. I welcome you to join with me now in this critically important consideration.

What Is ‘Prior Unity’?
September 10, 2009, 6:33 am
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To understand how things can change we must understand ‘prior unity’ – a condition that is already the case – not something we have to accomplish.

E Pluribus Unum’ is Latin for ‘Out of Many, One’, a motto found on the great seal of the United States. Originally, perhaps it simply meant that a single nation emerged out of many colonies or states, but since then, it has come to suggest that out of many peoples, races and religions, a single people and nation – the United States, came to be.

But ‘Prior Unity’ is NOT a union ‘out of many’. And ‘Prior Unity’ does not mean some condition that used to exist in some bygone golden age. Prior unity is already there – like now, before anybody does anything.  Prior Unity means a unity in which there is no separateness, no “difference”, no otherness and therefore, no opposition. It is already ‘one’. In his book of the same name Adi Da says: “Not-Two Is Peace”. “Not-Two” is another way of saying prior unity.  So he is saying that the acknowledgement of prior unity is the requirement for there to be peace in the world.

Notice that we’re not talking here about struggling with anyone to establish some kind of structure or system, or convince everyone that there is prior unity. If prior unity really does exist, then it is like the law of gravity: it operates whether you know about it or not – whether you understand it or not.  But in spite of the law of gravity, planes can still fly and rockets still can go into orbit.  And despite the truth of prior unity, people can still have wars and huge difficulty getting things done together.  How is that? I’ll comment on that in future posts.

The full text of Adi Da Samraj’s brilliant Not-Two Is Peace, my principal source, can be downloaded from the Da-Peace website.

Doomsday or Turn-About Moment?

Well, I’m hoping it is the ‘turn-about’ moment of course. The end of the world, be that on December 21, 2012 or any other time soon, would definitely ruin your day, and should be avoided.  This blog is about choosing the other possibility. Choosing the turn-about moment possibility is definitely within our grasp – IF … The big “IF” depends upon us changing the way we look at the world. I will comment on things that happen in the world, bringing in that alternative point of view.

The world right now is in a mess. We have a global financial crisis, with a huge mass of debt hung around our neck – or as The Economist put it:

Our Debt Legacy

Our Debt Legacy

a huge and possibly crippling legacy of debt for future generations.

On top of that, we have an environmental crisis, with glaciers melting faster than forecast, which will result in coastal flooding, mass migration, pressure on already strained food, water and other human support systems. And the world is fast heading for the end of cheap oil, with the chief economist of the International Energy Agency forecasting the likely peak of world oil production in 10 years.  And then, on the war, terrorism, nuclear proliferation front, things don’t look great either, with North Korea and Iran positioned to do something dangerous.  It doesn’t take a Hollywood script writer to dream up a whole lot of perfectly plausible disaster movie scenarios!

The good news is that all of this is avoidable: not guaranteed by a long-shot, but potentially avoidable. In this blog I will describe the alternatives to the disaster movie scenarios. In a few words, what is required is an entirely new picture of global cooperation. The key words are ‘prior unity’ and ‘everybody-all-at-once’.

The full text of Adi Da Samraj’s brilliant Not-Two Is Peace, my principal source, can be downloaded from the Da-Peace website.