Global Cooperation

The Secret to Global Peace

The working-presumption of prior unity—rather than the search for unity—is the right and true context for all human exchanges. If there is the working presumption of prior unity, then ego-surrendering cooperation and tolerance make perpetual human peace. . .

Not-Two Is Peace by Adi Da

Writing pacifist words does not produce peace. Making pacifist speeches does not produce peace. Peace marches and meetings do not produce peace. Big peace events do not produce peace. Praying for peace does not produce peace.

All those things are good, but if they could produce peace, we would already have it. Why don’t all the good things produce peace?

Because they are based on an all-pervading error in consciousness.

What is that error? It’s the error that humankind has been making for thousands of years. It’s the presumption of separation—the old consciousness that presumed that basically we are all separate.

What is the truth? The truth is that basically—even scientifically established—we are one, we are in the state of prior unity—inherently one before any act or feeling of separation.

The great secret is that the billions of humankind actually already has the power to take control and make global peace our reality. What is required to realize peace is an all-pervading change of consciousness–the force and integrity of everybody, resonating with the truth of our inherent unity.


Doomsday or Turn-About Moment?

Well, I’m hoping it is the ‘turn-about’ moment of course. The end of the world, be that on December 21, 2012 or any other time soon, would definitely ruin your day, and should be avoided.  This blog is about choosing the other possibility. Choosing the turn-about moment possibility is definitely within our grasp – IF … The big “IF” depends upon us changing the way we look at the world. I will comment on things that happen in the world, bringing in that alternative point of view.

The world right now is in a mess. We have a global financial crisis, with a huge mass of debt hung around our neck – or as The Economist put it:

Our Debt Legacy

Our Debt Legacy

a huge and possibly crippling legacy of debt for future generations.

On top of that, we have an environmental crisis, with glaciers melting faster than forecast, which will result in coastal flooding, mass migration, pressure on already strained food, water and other human support systems. And the world is fast heading for the end of cheap oil, with the chief economist of the International Energy Agency forecasting the likely peak of world oil production in 10 years.  And then, on the war, terrorism, nuclear proliferation front, things don’t look great either, with North Korea and Iran positioned to do something dangerous.  It doesn’t take a Hollywood script writer to dream up a whole lot of perfectly plausible disaster movie scenarios!

The good news is that all of this is avoidable: not guaranteed by a long-shot, but potentially avoidable. In this blog I will describe the alternatives to the disaster movie scenarios. In a few words, what is required is an entirely new picture of global cooperation. The key words are ‘prior unity’ and ‘everybody-all-at-once’.

The full text of Adi Da Samraj’s brilliant Not-Two Is Peace, my principal source, can be downloaded from the Da-Peace website.